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    Young people today face unique challenges that require special attention. Anxiety and depression rates have been on the rise among youth for some time. The pandemic not only exacerbated this trend, but caused new problems for many kids. Social media can aggravate mental health issues and cause self-esteem problems. And the traditional struggles of youth–from peer pressure to academic performance–are all still present.

    Appui Therapy  can help your young person through many of these struggles. I can guide highly-verbal children 10 or older* through developmental challenges, so they feel capable of tackling their mental, emotional, and academic struggles.

    As a career professor, I have unique experience and interest in helping high-achieving and ambitious students get the support they need to succeed academically, particularly when there’s a gap in the support their school or family is able to provide.

    I also offer academic counseling, including college application support and dissertation editing, through Appui Academics. Additionally, I can help resolve issues with parents, or issues impacting the entire family unit, through my Family Therapy services, and support for mental health struggles through my Depression and Anxiety Therapy.

    *If you’re seeking Parent Coaching for children under 10, as opposed to individual therapy for your child, see the Parents and Families section.

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