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  • Racialized Issues

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    Racism and Mental Health

    You deserve a space to focus on you. If you’re someone who experiences racism, I am here to support you in whatever way you need me to. I live in a transracial family–white and African American–so I directly experience, witness, and discuss the effects of race and racism on a daily basis. My experience as a professor who has taught CRT for many years also gives me a theoretical understanding of race, racism, and systemic oppression that can help you unpack your experiences, and understand how they impact your mental health.

    Whether you simply need a therapist who can provide competent care, or would like a safe space to directly discuss your experiences with race and racism, I’m happy to provide the support you need as you navigate this world.

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    White Privilege and Mental Health

    Working with a professional–especially someone like myself with studied experience in intersectional feminism and Critical Race Theory–can give you the support you need to become an ally to communities of color. If you are learning or would like to learn about white privilege and systemic racism, I can support you in exploring these ideas in a safe, non-judgemental, yet challenging space. Learn how to navigate race and privilege in a way that leads to a committed stance as an anti-racist.

    I am also available to lead study groups on white privilege and allyship with your friends, family, or work colleagues. Join me in discussing and therapeutically processing the important books everyone is talking about: How to Be an Anti-Racist, Caste, Waking Up White, White Fragility, and so on.

    Recommended Reading

    Whiteness On the Couch
    Natasha Stovall, Longreads

    Transracial Relationships and Families

    If you’re in a transracial (also known as “interracial”) romantic relationship or family unit, I can help you navigate the social and cultural issues that impact your relationship. For more information, visit the Relationships, and Parents and Families pages.