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    Writing and Creativity

    For artists, the creative process can be filled with both struggle and catharsis. Whether you’re facing writer’s or other kinds of creative blocks, or want to use journaling, writing, or other creative outlets as forms of processing and healing, I can support you throughout each step of the process. Creative minds may also be interested in my biblio- and cinema-therapy services.

    Recommended Reading

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    Colette Davidson, Christian Science Monitor

    Cinema Therapy and Bibliotherapy

    As a professor who has taught both literature and cinema studies, I understand that reading literature, and watching TV shows and movies, can be a reflective, revelatory, and therapeutic experience for many people. If you’re one of these people, biblio- or cinema-therapy–discussing your experiences with books and movies in a therapy setting–can help you make the most of your favorite books, TV shows, and movies, by allowing you to use them to process your own real-life experiences.

    I’m also available to conceive and facilitate book and cinema therapy groups on specific topics. Together, we can assemble a group of your friends, family, or work colleagues who are interested in learning more about an issue or topic that’s important to you, and curate a list of books or films so the group can learn, process, and grow together.