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  • Women’s Issues

    Sexual Pleasure and Desire Therapy for Women and Other People Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB)

    As a human, it is your right to find pleasure in your body and sexuality. But for some in our patriarchal society, it’s not so easy. Rigid gender norms combined with a lack of education about our sexual and reproductive systems can make it difficult to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

    If you struggle to:

    • Overcome sexual shame and stigma

    • Identify, access, and experience desire

    • Communicate your sexual needs and desires to your partner(s)

    • Cope with sexual trauma

    • Achieve orgasm

    You may benefit from my Sexual Pleasure and Desire Therapy. Using a combination of feminist theory and trauma-informed care, I can help you understand yourself, your body, your experiences, and the world, so you may move away from stigma and shame, and enjoy your body as you please.