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  • Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse

    Does your partner constantly put you down with negative comments or inconsiderate jokes? Do they try to maintain control in your relationship by pushing you away from other friends and loved ones, pitting others against you, or controlling your finances? Do they give you the silent treatment, guilt-trip you, blackmail you, demean you, or otherwise manipulate you? If so, you may be experiencing narcissistic abuse.

    Narcissistic abuse can be difficult to identify and heal from, because it challenges a lot of our society’s ideas about abuse. Abuse isn’t always physical or overt, and narcissists aren’t always grandiose extroverts with high self-esteem. In fact, whether they’re an introverted, covert narcissist, or an extroverted, classic narcissist, most narcissists almost always have extremely low self-esteem. They cope with this by using people and relationships as a means to their own ends.

    If you are currently in or have been in a relationship with an abusive narcissist, you may find yourself struggling with shame, anxiety, depression, or other difficult emotional—or even physical—symptoms. But you don’t have to live this way. You deserve so much more than that.

    Through my Therapy for Narcissistic Abuse, I can give you the support you need to heal and move on—from recognizing and processing the abuse, to managing symptoms and healing wounds, and ultimately learning to trust again.

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