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  • Gendered Issues & Sexuality

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    Therapy from a Feminist Perspective

    Some approaches to therapy can erase the impacts of your identity, or overlook how experiencing systemic oppression can contribute to trauma, stress, and emotional suffering. As an intersectional feminist, I refuse a therapeutic approach that doesn’t take into account your identity and experiences; I understand that various aspects of your identity can shape your mental and emotional well-being. That’s why I approach my therapy practice from an intersectional feminist perspective that prioritizes understanding you wholly, at all convergences of your many kinds of identity and experience. I can work with you in addressing stressors in your life that may relate to various “isms” (ageism, sexism, racism, queer- and transphobia) and improving your daily life–whether that be in the arenas of work, family, or relationships.

    Sexual Pleasure and Desire Therapy for Women and Other People Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB)

    As a human, it is your right to find pleasure in your body and sexuality. But for some in our patriarchal society, it’s not so easy. Rigid gender norms combined with a lack of education about our sexual and reproductive systems can make it difficult to enjoy a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

    If you struggle to:

    • Overcome sexual shame and stigma

    • Identify, access, and experience desire

    • Communicate your sexual needs and desires to your partner(s)

    • Cope with sexual trauma

    • Achieve orgasm

    You may benefit from my Sexual Pleasure and Desire Therapy. Using a combination of feminist theory and trauma-informed care, I can help you understand yourself, your body, your experiences, and the world, so you may move away from stigma and shame, and enjoy your body as you please.

    Intimacy Support for Sexual Partners

    Sex is a complex, personal experience, and even people in long-term sexual relationships can face difficulties. Whether you’re not feeling desired by your partner(s), struggling to experience pleasure or orgasm, or need help exploring and expressing your sexual needs, I can help you navigate all the complexities of sex so that you and your partner(s) can engage with your body in a way that is mutually pleasurable and empowering. My approach is explicitly feminist, and queer-, kink-, and poly-friendly.

    Men's Issues

    Many men today are struggling to make sense of themselves, as feminist ideas, thankfully,  gain mainstream attention. If you’re a man, you may be asking questions like:

    • Is masculinity really “toxic”?

    • What does life in a post-#MeToo world look like for me?

    • How do I find my way as a man in this modern age?

    Good news—healthy masculinity exists; dating can still be fun and exciting; and asking these questions means you’re ready to start respecting others and yourself.

    Feminism can give you some new perspectives on your identity that will likely feel better for you than the rigid norms of traditional masculinity. I’m here to support you in exploring these new ways of living and relating, so that you can be the best version of yourself—for the benefit of all.

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    Therapy for Problematic Sexual Behaviors

    Sex is a valid human need, and different factors can influence your relationship to sex and its role in your life. If your sexual behaviors are causing unwanted effects on your relationships, work, or lifestyle, I can provide non-judgmental support from a sex-positive perspective, so you can integrate and align your sexual life with your goals, identity, and desires.

    Together, we can work through issues including:

    • Problematic porn usage
    • Infidelity
    • Compulsive sexual behaviors
    • Intrusive sexual thoughts

    We’ll start by exploring your relationship to sex and its impact on your life. Then we can determine the values and goals you have for your sexual life and beyond, at which point we can develop perspectives, priorities, and practices that are more aligned with these. This can be done alone or, if you’re experiencing issues in your relationships due to your behaviors, with your partner(s).

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