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  • LGBTQ+ Issues & Gender Affirmation Therapy

    First let me say: There is nothing wrong with who you are. You are who you say you are. And it’s OK if you don’t quite know who you are just yet.

    Whether or not your gender or sexuality is a stressor for you, I can give you LGBTQIA-competent support that celebrates your unique journey and identity. I am a queer-identified woman myself, and a professor of gender and sexuality studies, so I’m comfortable listening to diverse experiences and opinions, and I can give you fresh, first-hand perspectives on navigating LGBTQ+ life in a homophobic society.

    For those struggling with their identities, I can support you in your explorations, and be there as you grow into the new selves you may come to identify with. I can also support you in finding ways to handle any sadness, anger, anxiety, or loneliness that may come from stigmas projected onto the LGBTQIA community.