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  • Infidelity Therapy for Individuals and Couples

    Infidelity can take many forms–from sexual affairs, to emotional infidelity, to problematic porn usage–and it’s often a betrayal and boundary violation that can not only disrupt your relationship, but also your own physical and mental health. If infidelity has become an issue in your relationship, you may be feeling anxious, confused, paranoid, uncertain and exhausted by the emotional toll.

    It may feel apocalyptic, but it doesn’t have to be–you can heal and, if both partners so desire, repair the relationship. Whether you’d like to discuss your own behavior, or a partner’s, I can provide non-judgmental support to help you process and address infidelity–individually or with your partner, in a couples therapy setting–in a way that honors both partners’ feelings, needs and desires.

    You may want to attempt to repair the relationship together; you may explore other relationship dynamics; or you may decide to end the relationship. I’m here to help you explore your feelings and your options, and to find a way forward that is beneficial and healing for all involved.